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Cayman Grant is an award winning writer/director who hails from the small maritime village of St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada. Her love for storytelling began at an early age when she was inspired by her candid, humorous and engaging family to write and shoot videos. That love grew in high school when she became involved in the communications department-- directing and creating year-end videos, movies and slideshows. During her college years at the University of New Brunswick, Cayman became the first female student union president and later went on to become valedictorian of her graduating class. After finishing school and building several start-up companies, the already accomplished; yet ambitious Cayman, met and became friends with a well-known actor who encouraged her to indulge her creativity both in front of the camera and behind it.

Cayman went on to write and direct three award winning short films that garnered over adozen awards and honors. They have appeared in over 75 film festivals worldwide including the Cannes Film Festival and LA Shorts Festival. Cayman's short film, His Good Will, has won numerous awards and was an Official Entry in the 2009 Academy® Awards under the “Live Action Short Film” category. Her recent feature script, Landlord’s Game has been a finalist in several writing competitions including being in the top 8 at the 2012 Slamdance Screenwriting Competition for overall narrative feature and she has recently won the New York Screenplay Competition with her original Drama Pilot, Cigar Game.

Cayman’s most recent documentary TV movie, The Fix, is currently in production with ESPN as part of their popular 30 for 30 series and will hit film festivals in late 2014 with an ESPN air date of early 2015. She has also recently optioned the life rights of two high profile subjects and three books/novels for which she intends to adapt as feature film screenplays.

In September 2013, Cayman shot her most recent film, Butterflies, which will debut at film festivals worldwide in spring 2014.

Interview at the Feel Good Film Festival - http://www.actorsreporter.com/2009/columnists/feel-good-film-festival-his-good-will/

“Cayman understands and sees the big picture. Her vision captures the true life of the story she’s telling. She is creative and easy to work with because she knows what she wants and she has the vision and determination to see it through.”

Scott Smith

Editor – Leap of Fate

"Cayman is such a dream to work with. She has a clear vision; is a smart writer and treats her audiences as such; and she has a way of directing that keeps it fun and brings out the best. Thanks for bringing me into your work, Cayman!"

Arita Trahan

Actor – Soup Ladle

“Cayman is a director with vision. She has an astonishing ability to bring people together and see a project through.”

Kris Deskins

2nd AD, His Good Will

"The great thing about working with Cayman is she knows exactly what she wants from her actors and will undoubtedly always get it: She is professional, diligent and precise whilst being gentle, accommodating and caring. I look forward to working with her again (if she'll have me!) - hopefully in the not too distant future."

Henrietta Meire

Actor – Soup Ladle

"I have been in the music business for 25 years now and have never

come across anyone like Cayman. She has been the artistic and creative

director for all aspects of my new record. From fasion direction,

overall imaging and especially; the photography direction and video aspect of things. She's brilliant, personable, focused and I will be including her in all projects to come as our key decision maker in visual and artistic direction.

Kenny Munshaw

Artist and label owner

Cayman’s production company, KIAP Films, reflects her life-long belief and practice of hard work and focused intensity. In the sport of Tae Kwon Do, “KIAP” is the sound/word a person makes/uses when exerting force during fighting/sparring. Her all-encompassing life experiences, beliefs, passions and work ethic are what make Cayman Grant an outstanding actor and director.

“Cayman is easy to work with because her passion and dedication inspire those around her…people believe in her and the vision she brings.”

Cale Finot

Director of Photography – His Good Will, Soup Ladle, Leap of Fate

The Person

Cayman’s road to her filmmaking career has been a very meaningful meander. Her early life was spent near a rocky beach in the fishing village of St. Martin’s, New Brunswick, Canada. Being the only girl among four kids, she grew up tough, strong willed, and a little bit of a tomboy.

After her family moved into the city of Saint John - a gritty, ambitious, medium-sized metropolitan area with a lot of heart – Cayman was in her element. With high school came opportunities to expose Cayman to her love of acting, where she played a number of leading roles in classic musical productions. She didn’t follow her friends to college, but instead, chose to travel the world. Her acting career was temporarily put aside but not for too long.

Having temporarily satisfied her curiosities of world cultures and people, Cayman settled back in Saint John for her university career in business and political science. As in every other aspect of her young life, she demonstrated her unstoppable will to succeed. She became the university’s first female student union president, instituted the sports team’s first campus mascot “Seamore”, worked on the institution’s most successful fundraising event, won numerous leadership recognitions and culminated her university years by being chosen Class Valedictorian.

"Cayman Grant is one of those students you encounter only once or twice in a career. Beautiful, talented and highly intelligent, she’s a natural leader who can and does accomplish anything she puts her mind to. I know her success will continue and she will go on to even greater things."

Don Desserud

Screenwriter, Professor – University of New Brunswick

After a stint as marketing director for Canada’s renowned East Coast Music Awards, she headed to Nashville, where she began her pursuit as an actor and film director.

“Cayman Grant is one of those rare individuals who sees life as a gift and strives every day to live it to the fullest. Her excitement is contagious and her determination inspiring. I’m glad to know Cayman and consider myself fortunate to be called her friend.”

Mr. Tracy Thayne

Director – Laughdance Comedy & Film Festival

Executive Producer

“Cayman has always been determined…even as a child, she had a strong will and could always find a way to get things done. She never ceases to amaze us all. She has been an absolute inspiration.”

Betty MacMillan


"Cayman is an amazing person, full of talent and dedication. She completes what she shoots for, no matter what the endeavor."

Morgan Graham

Former Manager, Graham Entertainment

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